LONDON Inspiration

I've been dying to meet William Morris for years, so when I had the chance to go to the Victoria & Albert Museum in London I was pretty excited. (yep, I was oohing and aching over everything). Although he's been dead for years, his vision, philosophy and passion shine through his artwork in the form of textiles, furniture, wallpaper and books. My creative heart was pretty full after leaving the museum.

I've been on a bit of a European adventure, visiting friends in London, The Hague, Amsterdam and Berlin. Right now I'm exploring the beauty of Cornwall, England. I thought I would share with you some bits and pieces of some of things that caught my eye in London, little pulses of inspiration found in museums, store fronts, walls and streets. The creative wheels are definitely turning with dreams of my own textiles and expanding my artwork to include more narrative. Stay tuned for that!