I have been drawing since I was a little kid. Art is the way that I interact with the world, process it through pen, paper, photographs, words.


Look, breathe, honour, pay attention. Nature asserts herself as 'teacher' in many different forms. Being in nature brings me presence, reminds me to pause and be in awe of the complicated, complex and magical world we sometimes forget we live in. The act of going for a walk or observing the shape of a leaf, a water droplet, the shadows cast across my body from the sunlight through the trees all influence what I make with my hands and how I interact with the people and environment around me.

I find poetry in the free-flowing lines found in the natural world: the cursive dance of sea kelp, the fluid, complicated lines of tangled tree roots. I seek to bring this poetry into my line work, to create flow and movement. Though paper and ink is my primary medium, my pen or brush sometimes finds it way onto new surfaces, painting directly onto leaves, or even the human body. Photography and the transformative qualities of light also play an important role.

Growing up on the wild Westcoast of Canada, my artwork speaks to this sense of place. The flora and fauna from the ocean to the forest of British Columbia make their way into my work. Reverence for this place I call home. It is my wish that the viewer see themselves reflected in depictions of nature. That no matter what your personal history is, the natural world is our common culture. That if we only turn our eyes and ears to the rolling waves and towering trees, there is much to solace to be found and wisdom to be gained.