Studio 'RE-VISIT' with Rachael Ashe

Photo credit:Trevor Jansen

Photo credit:Trevor Jansen

Welcome back to the Studio Visit series! As I continue to interview new artists, I thought it'd be fun to go back and see what some of the artists have been up to since our first visit. Today, I'm happy to introduce/re-introduce you to paper-artist extraordinaire, Rachael Ashe. Let's see what she's been up to!

I can't believe you were my first studio visit, way back in November 2015. What have been some of your favourite projects since then? 

One of the pieces I shared during our interview was a work in progress installation, hand cut from a seven foot long piece of tyvek. I finished it eventually and am very happy with the results, but it made me feel crazy while I worked on it. The design is made up of forty unique cut circles, and it was essentially multiple works from a single piece of paper. It really tested the limits of my patience, and the determination to see it through to the end. I showed it for the first time last fall in a group exhibition titled, Hammer Cut Stitch Repeat, at Circle Craft Gallery. The show also included my first foray into wearable art. I really enjoy working on the three neck pieces I created from paper for the show.

Photo credit:  Byron Dauncy

Photo credit:  Byron Dauncy

What or Who are you inspired by right now?

I am really inspired by Tiny Blade Project by Annyen Lam. I bought one of her pieces when I was in Toronto recently. Her daily paper cut project is amazing. I'm also super inspired by Kari Kristensen,  and all the intricate mark making she uses in her prints.

So, there you have it, a little glimpse into Rachael's creative realm. You can check out the original, and more in-depth interview with Rachael here.

Find more of her beautiful work here:

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